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Miner Mole is a  free and open source desktop search utility. It collects, parses and stores data about files, folders, users or any other information that can be obtained from a computer, for fast and accurate information retrieval.

Index: “An index is a data structure that improves the speed of data retrieval operations.”
Indexing: “The purpose of storing an index is to optimize speed and performance in finding relevant documents for a search query.” (Wikipedia)


  • Indexing, extracting information from files
    • Index files and folders, starting from a selected root folder
    • For each file and folder storing:
      • Create, modify and last access dates as a whole and individually as year, month, day
      • Full path and parent folder separated
      • File extension
      • File attributes
      • File and folder size
    • Extract EXIF properties from images (Device model, Flash, Orientation, etc.)
    • Extract MP3 tags and other properties from multimedia files (Title, Album, Performers, Genres, Duration, etc.)
    • Extract PE (Portable Executable) headers from executable (.exe, .dll) files (imported dll's, sections, executable type)
    • Extract security attributes from files and folders (users and rights)
    • Index files from archives, currently only from ZIP files.
    • Index text files, extracting words as keyword with count.
  • Index computers from local network
  • Index emails from Outlook folders
  • Index Active Directory users
  • Items can be labeled
  • Keywords can be added to items
  • Browsing indexed data
    • List indexed root folders
    • Navigate into folders, archives
    • Copy/Move files and folders
  • Searching
    • Predefined searches
      • Show files or just folders
      • Show all files or folders bellow the selected forlder
      • Filter files by type (Word document, Images, Movies, etc.)
      • Filter files by date
        • Created / Modified last day
        • Created / Modified last week
        • Created / Modified last month
        • Seasons
      • Group by ...
        • type
        • parent folder
        • file extension
        • path
        • album (media)
        • genre (media)
        • camera type (photos)
        • company (users)
        • ... and many more ...
      • Sort by ...
        • Last accessed
        • Last modified
        • name
        • size
        • ...
    • Powerful query builder
      • Drag and Drop existing fields to enter search criteria
      • Drag and Drop properties from files
      • Drag and Drop fields to sort
  • Integrated picture viewer
    • Simple without border or window decoration
    • Easy browsing between search results
    • Commenting parts of image with border and label
    • Resize
    • Zooming, full screen, 1:1
    • Rotate left, right
    • Print
    • Show EXIF tags
    • Brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma setting
    • AForge image filters: gray scale, invert, median, smooth, sharpen, blur, oil painting, sepia, pixelate, jitter, edge detection, rotate colors
    • Histogram

How it works

Miner Mole, as a file indexer, walks through every file and folder, starting from a selected folder, and stores any information it can retrieve: the file name, path, file attributes and any other information you can get from the file system.
Creation/Modified/Accessed times are stored as a whole and also individually as year, month, day to facilitate queries by any of these parts.
For example you can find files created in July or find Winter photos, without mentioning the year.

Miner Mole, as Active Directory indexer, can index users and all related information to facilitate fast and complex queries.

Miner Mole, as Computer and share indexer, searches for computers in a given IP address range and lists all available shares.

Miner Mole, as E-Mail indexer, will index specified Outlook folders and extract keywords from subjects and mail bodies, save full email in database if needed.

Data is stored in a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented database: MongoDB.

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Web site update.
Added a video on file indexing and searching.

New version 1.12.
Fixed configuration editing for Windows 7. Added multiple email folder indexing.

New version 1.11.
New features: a search box when the icon is clicked in the system tray, folder selector for Outlook email indexer, PDF meta info and text extractor.

New version 1.10.
Bug fixes and new features: file security extraction, copy/move operations for files and folders.

New version 1.9.
Database driver updated.

New version 1.7.
Email indexing from Outlook folders.

New version 1.1.
Rewritten for a new database driver.

New Beta version 0.23.
Index computers and shares.

New Beta version 0.22.
Minor fixes. Active Directory indexing with all available fields. New PumasViewer 2.11 with minor fixes.

New Beta version 0.21.
Minor fixes. New search Group by. New PumasViewer 2.10 with thumbnails.

New Beta version 0.20.
Windows Shell integration. Minor fixes.

New Beta version 0.19.
Indexing executables, get PE header data, imported dlls, sections, executable type.

New Beta version 0.18.
Non blocking hashing.

New Beta version 0.17.
Hashing capabilities. Operations on searched items. Advanced grouping. Finding duplicate files.

New Beta version 0.16.
New icon, new searches. Control+C copy file to clipboard.

Beta version 0.15 is out.
Minor fixes.

Beta version 0.14 is out.
Feature freeze.
Added preferences, editable fields for detailed view.

Alpha version 0.13 is out.
Feature list.

Alpha version 0.12 is out.

Alpha version 0.11 is out.
Modified "Search for..." and new features. Help and detailed description coming soon.

Alpha version 0.9 is out.
With 30 day trial without registration. Help and detailed description coming soon.

Alpha version 0.8 is out.
New searches.

Alpha version 0.7 is out. New features, new face.

Alpha version 0.6 is out. New features.